Pre-Migration Cleanup and Optimization

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"If you're going to take it apart, you might as well clean it." 
- Ancient Proverb (probably)

Every migration we have helped perform has had its own set of challenges. Every single one has needed instance cleanup and optimization ahead of migrating, especially for Jira and Confluence. Do you have workflows you don't use anymore? Maybe some user accounts for people that are no longer with your company? Even with a clean instance, migrating to a new version of Atlassian tools will have functionality and potentially add-on changes that need to be addressed prior to a migration. Lessons learned in this webinar apply to all sorts of migrations - to Cloud, to/from Data Center, from Server, even just moving to new infrastructure hardware.

Hear from two of our Atlassian Certified Engineers on how to go about cleaning up your instance(s) when preparing for a migration. Also, learn best practices around governance and change management that will help keep things clean in the future. Here is a glimpse of what is covered:

  • Identifying unused custom fields
  • Pages and spaces not updated in the last year
  • Issues and projects not updated in the last year
  • Users who have not logged in over a period of time
  • Workflow utilization statistics, and more!

Marcus Asmar
Atlassian Tools Engineer 

Chris Pelton
Atlassian Tools Engineer