Self-Managing Infrastructure for Drupal: Is this DrupalOps?

So, what do we call remote skills augmentation that enables smaller and midsized agencies or IT departments to be successful in the development, deployment, and management of web applications with a significant Drupal component? Or dropping the remote component, what are these activities called within a larger team?

DevOps is one natural term, yet it suffers from being ill-defined. WebOps is just “DevOps for web application.” Remote System Administration is quickly becoming an antiquated term that assumes a non-developer skillset. Managed Services or Remote Managed services again suffer from the overly broad nature of the universe of services that can be delivered under those terms.

Listen now to hear our discussion about how these terms have evolved and whether or not DrupalOps or some other term accurately describes these activities.


Solomon Gifford
Sr. Director, CMS Product Development
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Kelly Beck
Drupal DevOps Engineer
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Tim Lehnen
@Drupal Association