TrustStack eBook cover


Secure Warfighter Collaboration

This eBook shows how TrustStack brings Atlassian tools into a FedRAMP environment, allowing for modern DevSecOps practices within government agencies.

 This eBook will cover:

  • A Seamless Collaboration Environment
  • Mitigating Pain Points
  • Prioritizing Public Sector Experience
  • and more!


eBook Preview: 

Industry-leading DevSecOps tools such as Jira and Confluence can provide the flexibility, collaboration, and transparency needed to drive innovation—something public sector organizations can benefit greatly from. However, strict security and compliance regulations within the public sector can complicate DevSecOps adoption. For instance, federal organizations using cloud services must ensure those services are authorized for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP. This means government organizations often have to manually configure their tools to meet these security requirements, a costly and time-consuming feat that obstructs their full utilization. As a result, DevSecOps adoption has lagged behind in the public sector.

To address this issue, many teams have turned to compliance-ready platforms such as DI2E and Platform One (P1) for software development and IT operations. But these older FedRAMP-ready DevOps environments weren’t built for collaboration and project management, resulting in constraints at scale, deteriorated performance and poor cost-efficiency.