On-Demand Webinar 

Discover how a well-integrated ITSM solution can supercharge your business operations. In this video, we provide a comprehensive overview of Problem Management, Change Management, and Incident Management, demonstrating how these vital aspects of IT operations can be streamlined and optimized through seamless integration.

Key Takeaways

 👉 Discover how to proactively identify and resolve underlying issues to prevent recurring incidents. 
 👉 Learn to effectively plan, track, and implement changes using Jira Software, ensuring system stability.
 👉 Understand how OpsGenie, integrated with JSM, can help detect, notify, & manage incidents efficiently.
 👉 Explore how to facilitate knowledge sharing by utilizing Confluence as a documentation repository.
 👉 Acquire practical tips and hear real-world use cases that showcase successful integrated solutions.

Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or just starting to explore JSM its ecosystem of tools, this video is guaranteed to provide valuable insights. 

 Mike Brown-modified

Mike Brown, PMP ITIL 4 IBM-RUP
Executive Vice President

Zack Seibert 1

Zack Seibert, ITIL 4
VP, Professional Services