Game Changer Awards

Our award program is designed to showcase efforts that follow our core values. These awards are announced on the All-Hands Meetings after being submitted and reviewed by Senior Leadership.

  • Commit to go beyond: Exceed customer or team members expectations
  • Create a better way: Innovate for customers and team members
  • Collaborate to win: Teamwork that produces successful results
  • Empowerment: Autonomy to make decisions and solve problems

Individual winners for Commit to go beyond, Create a better way, and Empowerment will receive a gift card for $100. Winners of the Collaborate to Win value will each receive a gift card for $50. If you believe an effort deserves recognition, please complete the form on this page!

Shout Out!

A way to show instant appreciation for another employee! To send a shout out, select one of the Shout Out banners below and paste the image and your note of appreciation to the _contegix Slack Channel.
(After you hit ‘submit’ you will be directed to a confirmation page that has the Shout Out images available to copy)


If you have any questions about any of the award programs, please reach out to Kim Brooks at