3 ITSM Mistakes Cover 3


Get your ITSM strategy right the first time.

This eBook shares the common hurdles companies encounter during ITSM implementations, and what IT teams can do to benefit from an effective ITSM strategy.

 This eBook will cover:

  • Goal Misalignment
  • ITSM Tooling
  • Effective Communication
  • and more!


eBook Preview: 

Nearly three-quarters of technology companies now have employees working outside a company-owned office, and most employees who work outside an office say their companies prefer asynchronous communication. An effective ITSM strategy that connects remote and dispersed employees to a digital IT help desk is a critical success factor for efficient value delivery.

ITSM implementation isn’t as simple as choosing a tool and beginning to use it: roadblocks to successful ITSM implementation can arise even before an ITSM tool is chosen. One common error is a lack of alignment between an organization and its ITSM goals. Although ITSM strategy primarily organizes technology, it is ultimately meant to directly support business needs.